Déjà vu at The Arcadians!

It was a case of déjà vu when rehearsals started for The Arcadians production of Sweeney Todd, which will be performed at the Crescent Theatre from 3 – 7 May.

“We couldn’t believe the coincidence!” said Simon Burgess, who is playing the role of Sweeney Todd. “It definitely feels as though we’ve been here before” added Simon’s co-star, Gillian Twaite, who is playing Mrs Lovett.

The pair first met in 2003 in the Arcadians production of Half a Sixpence, in which Simon played shop boy Artie – opposite Gillian, who was playing his girlfriend Ann. Nothing particularly unusual in that – but what really brought the memories home was when they found themselves in exactly the same pose as they had been given all those years ago.

“I stood there and thought, ‘I’m sure I’ve been here before’” said Gillian. “A quick look at some old photographs confirmed that I was right. Maybe great minds do think alike!”

Simon and Gillian are both looking forward to appearing together again in May, when Sweeney Todd’s barber shop opens for business at the Crescent Theatre. “We worked well together before” said Simon, “and thirteen years on it’s as though nothing has changed – although the roles are very different of course!”

If you would like more information about the show or you would like to book tickets you can contact the Crescent box office on 0121 643 5858 or on line at www.crescent-theatre.co.uk.

For more information contact show director James Garrington on 07715 686116 or email jamesgarrington@aol.com

 Simon and Gillian then and now

Simon Burgess (Sweeney Todd) and Gillian Twaite (Mrs Lovett) in rehearsal and as they appeared in Half a Sixpence in 2003

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